Bereavement Ministry


This ministry provides spiritual assistance to parishioners suffering the loss of a family member through death. They provide guidance and support to the family in arranging the funeral liturgy by helping the family to select appropriate readings and hymns. A program for the Funeral Mass is provided for those attending the funeral. Foremost, the members of the Ministry pray diligently for the eternal rest of the souls of the deceased and for the peace, comfort and acceptance of this loss by the families and friends. Contact is maintained with the family after the funeral to provide spiritual assistance, sympathy and information on support groups.

Some parish members requesting to plan their own funeral mass services have approached members of the Bereavement Group. This optional funeral planning service is being offered to you at your request.

The interested people feel that this would free their loved ones from the chore of making these decisions at a time when they have many other decisions to make.

A member of the Bereavement Group of St. Mary Parish would gladly meet with you and assist you in this process. You will have a choice of the readings and hymns, for the funeral mass and any reasonable request such as family participation of eulogies.

If this is something that you are interested in, please call Carol Jarecki, at 847-808-8950, and leave a message to schedule an appointment or email.